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Chrome Dinosaur Game Pygame

Summary: This is based of the classic T-Rex Dinosaur Game that you played when opened your browser and realised you had no internet. However, the thing is that game was too easy so to make it more challenging the trees and pterodactyl are now able to spawn more randomly and could be grouped together much closer. This would be a bit too difficult of course since you wouldn't make it far so you have the ability to shoot fireballs too. You are only allowed to shoot three fireballs at a time and there is a waiting period between each fireball to be shot. Just know that this game requires both luck and skill to get far.

Tools: Python, Pygame

GitHub Link: Chrome Dinosaur Game Pygame


Arduino RC Car

Summary: After taking a semester in Introduction to Computer Systems where I had to learn about how to use an arduino during my tutorials to work towards my project of building a maze finding arduino I was hooked into working with arduinos to create projects like an RC Car and more. This was the first thing I built after my semester ended and I was estatic when I got it to work.

Tools: Arduino

GitHub Link: Arduino RC Car


Basic Platformer

Summary: This is a basic platformer game that I made during the holidays in my second year of uni as I wanted to teach myself how to write in C++ and use the SDL2 library. You play as a hero who must fight his way through the level slashing down enemies and crates along with collecting keys to open chests and collect coins.

Tools: C++, SDL2

GitHub Link: Basic Platformer



Summary: This is the classic Pong game that all retro players remember. The absolute beauty of a game like this can never be forgotten. I wanted to remake this game as it was something I played often because of how fun it it was given its simplicity. I also took this opportunity to try creating buttons for you to select the difficulty and whether you wanted to play this solo or against a friend.

Tools: C++, SDL2

GitHub Link: Pong


Polar Space

Summary: After using linux as my main os for about two years I decided that I would rice my desktop. The linux distribution that I used was Debian as that was the main os that I've stuck with after distro hopping through multiple distros. If you'd like to see how you could set up your desktop to be like mine, you can visit my github repository below.

Tools: Shell

GitHub Link: Polar Space

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