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Hi, I'm Tony Vo

I'm a University Student studying at The University of Sydney where I am passionate about programming and enjoy working on projects on the side in my leisure time.

My Recent Projects

These are all self-directed projects. You can find more of my work on Github. Below are just some of my most recent works. Let me know if you have any questions.


Silent Messaging

Summary: This project is a messaging application on the desktop like other social messaging applications like skype and discord however, the messages would be stored on the users PC instead of on a server permanently. This was made as I wanted to learn how users were able to message someone over the internet using sockets and also used some knowledge on multithreading which I took a course in during university to create this application. It is noted that messages are stored temporarily on the server but the messages will be deleted once the receiver has logged on to retrieve those messages.

Tools: Python, PySimpleGUI, Sockets

GitHub Link: Silent Messaging

Year: Nov. 2022


3D Body Visualiser

Summary: This project was completed during a capstone unit for my University where I worked in a group to create a mobile application to encourage people to start/ continue to exercise by allowing users to visualise what they currently look like via a 3D model and compare this to how they looked like previously. Unfortunately, I cannot share the source code because it belongs to the university as it is an assessment.

Tools: Flutter

GitHub Link: 3D Body Visualiser

Year: Sep. 2022

If you wish to see all of my projects visit my projects page.

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