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Hi, I'm Tony Vo

I'm a University Student studying at The University of Sydney where I am passionate about programming and enjoy working on projects on the side in my leisure time.

My Recent Projects

These are all self-directed projects. You can find more of my work on Github. Below are just some of my most recent works. Let me know if you have any questions.


Polar Space

Summary: After using linux as my main os for about two years I decided that I would rice my desktop. The linux distribution that I used was Debian as that was the main os that I've stuck with after distro hopping through multiple distros. If you'd like to see how you could set up your desktop to be like mine, you can visit my github repository below.

Tools: Shell

GitHub Link: Polar Space



Summary: This is the classic Pong game that all retro players remember. The absolute beauty of a game like this can never be forgotten. I wanted to remake this game as it was something I played often because of how fun it it was given its simplicity. I also took this opportunity to try creating buttons for you to select the difficulty and whether you wanted to play this solo or against a friend.

Tools: C++, SDL2

GitHub Link: Pong

If you wish to see all of my projects visit my projects page.

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